• Image of Keep The Feel: A Legacy of Hip-Hop Soul PHYSICAL CD
  • Image of Keep The Feel: A Legacy of Hip-Hop Soul PHYSICAL CD

Veteran Los Angeles hip-hop artist Abstract Rude announces the release of his new lp, Keep The Feel: a legacy of hip-hop soul (street date: April 28th, 2015 on KTF Ent./Alphapup). Ab Rude's new lp features producer friends & fellow Project Blowed / Rhymesayers & Living Legends artists that he's worked with over his extensive career.

1. Keep The Feel intro
2. Walk Slower Daddy
3. Authentic
4. Five Senses
5. The Solution (ft. Slug & Brother Ali)
6. I Lived In A Time
7. Kan Of Whoop Ass
8. Halfway Around The Globe
9. Tha Edge
10. 3D Nights
11. Garcon a la Pipe
12. Relay (ft. Abbey, Maya Jupiter, Just Brea, Pigeon John, Medusa, Busdriver, Olmeca)
13. Keep The Feel interlude
14. Thee Only Life
15. Kan Of Whoop Ass reprise (ft. Blueprint, Psalm One, Musab, Ab Rude, LMNO, Neb Luv, Otherwize, Kail, VerBS, Open Mike Eagle, Alpha MC, Droop Capone, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Eligh, The Grouch)
16. For Tha Luv (ft. Aceyalone & Aloe Blacc)
17. Kan Of Whoop Ass TeamSupreme x Project Blowed remix (ft. Riddlore?, Ellay Khule, Shames Worthy, Gel Roc, Jroz, Brandi Kane, Jizzm, Self Jupiter, Zumbi/Zion I, Myka 9, Medusa)
18. Pride (DJ Vadim UK mix)
19. Hip-Hop Soul (S.O.T.G.)

Lyrics Performed by Abstract Rude
& above mentioned guests + vocalists:
Zulu Butterfly, The Oracle Jayne Doe, J. Mitchell MelodiousFly & Katrina Blackstone

Music produced by: (in order of appearance)
Mr. Dibiase, Vitamin D, Fat Jack, Biz One, DJ Remode, Kenny Segal, DJ Katch (Aus), BVA, Chief (Swiss), DJ Drez, Dave Atkins, TeamSupreme & DJ Vadim
w/cuts by DJ Zole & Dr. EZ, horns by Josef Leimberg

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