• Image of Abstract Rude - Making More Tracks CD

Abstract Rude presents Making More Tracks, the 2nd installment in his Making Tracks interim disc series. Released in 2004 after the Showtyme! lp, Making More Tracks made fans of Ab Rude pleasantly surprised by this energetic followup to what they thought was a one time only deal back in 2002. Pulling from classic features on forgotten compilations & collab tracks on homie's old lps, Abbey then added some cool new tunes with Fatjack, Kenny Segal, Nikko & DJ Drez. Guests include Kool Dj EQ, Resin Dogs and members of Living Legends.

1. Ooh Sha Sha
2. Don't Talk
3. You Ain't Gotta Lie
4. Search & Rescue
5. Got It Like That
6. Rude Boy Represents
7. Situations
8. Rebel
9. Only Gets Better
10. Ya Hear About It
11. Mass Distortion
12. The Undisputed
13. Stuff's Ruff
14. Ola Tunji
15. Doing the Dang Thang